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“Mountain Biking Adventure” the country’s premier mountain biking lifestyle company brings you the “Melaka On Bike ECO Tour”.

Melaka On Bike =>M.O.B., established on Ninth of September, 1999 and has since conducted thousand of rides to date to thousands of happy and satisfied adventure junkies.

Explore Melaka (Malacca)

Melaka is a state that is abundantly rich, not just in natural resources but also history and folklore. Founded by Parameswara in 1396, who named his sultanate after the Melaka Tree, Melaka has provided the stage on which the Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and English played their roles in shaping Melaka’s empire.

To most, Melaka is known to be a historical city with visits to museums and archaeological sites as well as a great place for good food. Little known to the “average tourist”, Malacca has got much more to offer other than historical tours. Right at the outskirts of Malacca town, there are plenty of agricultural sites which provides ideal grounds for off-road biking !

The word “off-road” often scare beginners off, thinking that it will be a tough ride, requiring plenty of stamina and skills. But the truth is, not all off-roads are technical and the biking section of this Melaka adventure will show you how much fun it can be riding off-road without much effort! With plenty of trails inside these plantations, bringing you through paddy fields, rubber plantations and oil palm plantations, the scenery is always changing and there is never a boring moment as you ride. Not to mention, the ride is going to be under shady trees most of the time, so say goodbye to sunburns while you join this ride !

Don’t own a bike? No worries! Bikes and helmets will be provided at no extra costs! Age is not a problem as bikes for all ages are available, even toddlers!

Besides the biking adventure, you can join other outdoor activities! All activities are led by experienced guides and all safety equipment are provided free of charge.

So if you don’t have much time to spare but are still looking for a multi-adventure trip with lots of fun, do join us for this Malacca Biking Adventure !

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